Fees as of February 2020:


£450 for a screening report for a simple case without patient examination.

£750 for a screening report for a complex case without patient examination.

£200.00 Clinical examination / assessment

£1200.00 for a Court Report provided from inspection of records and Examination of Patient.


Additional charges will apply for telephone advice or additional/subsequent Reports at £120.00 per hour.

The hourly rate for travel is £120.00, together with the costs of First Class Rail or Air travel.

Attendance at Court is £1,200.00 per day or £750.00 per half day.


I may increase my charges to Instructing Solicitors by 50 percent for any work outside the United Kingdom and Ireland.


Where I make myself available to give evidence in court and, subsequently, due to an out-of-court settlement or for any other reason, am no longer required to appear, I shall be entitled to charge a minimum of 50 per cent of the original fee agreed for appearing in court (the ‘original fee’ meaning the agreed daily rate multiplied by the number of days at court for which I make myself available).